What is a Bird Dog?

On our continuous campaign of reducing lower back pain, we have given you an insight on different stretches that could be causing your back pain. Well, we still have one more for you! Chris demonstrates in the video below a stretch called the ‘bird dog’. This stretch allows a person to build stabilization to better […]

Hip Flexors and Hamstrings, Oh My!

In our previous email (sign up for our newsletter below), we discussed how having backing pain can be a result from other areas of the body. Not only can having tight hip flexors be a cause but additionally having tight hamstrings could also be a contributing factor. Chris explains and demonstartes a simple exercise to […]

Thank You For A Successful School Drive!

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and friends who participated in our school drive by donating school supplies! All of your donations went to Windy Hill Elementary, an elementary school that is dedicated to community learning and instilling leadership qualities to children at a young age. In the picture above is our wonderful […]

Are golfers really athletes?

There was a time when golf was viewed more like a game than a true sport.  Professional golfers back in the day did not necessarily portray themselves as the fittest individuals compared to other sports stars. In fact, smoking cigarettes was commonplace even when on TV.  Not any more.   Just look at the some […]

Cancer Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation May Reduce Disability and Early Retirement

A recent article written by Silver J.K. in the journal Cancer reviews current research related to prehabilitation prior to Cancer related treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation). Many patients receiving cancer treatments become increasingly ill or disabled as treatment progresses, thus it is not only cancer but the treatment that may lead to disability and financial burden. […]

Preoperative Assessment Enables the Early Diagnosis and Successful Treatment of Lymphedema

From The American Cancer Society The authors of this article proposed a new approach to treating breast cancer-related lymphedema. By requiring a pre-operative measurement baseline to bilateral upper extremities for each patient, physical therapists were better able to predict subclinical lymphedema by surveilling the patient every 3 months post-op up to 18 months. If >3% […]