Premier Physical Therapy Testimonials

Lee Harrison

My treatment was done by Kurtis Pcolka,PT, DPT His careful treatment of my back resulted in a steady reduction in pain, the strengthening of my muscles and a straighter posture. I soon realized that I was getting stronger and could do more physical work without the usual residual pain that I was used to experiencing, which honestly was quite shocking to me. I felt emotionally stronger as well, knowing that I was becoming stronger and healthier. Kurtis is very patient in explaining how the body works and how It will respond to good maintenance. The support staff was very helpful and friendly, but more importantly, very in tune with the flow of therapeutic activities going on in the clinic. I feel extremely lucky to have found Premiere Physical Therapy (a recommendation from a nurse from the Mayo Clinic,) and can easily recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy..

Jackie Haynes

I had a wonderful experience receiving PT @ Premier Physical Therapy. The staff is awesome. They greet you with a smile upon entering the office and leaving the session. They provide hands on individualized therapy. You are never left alone to do a routine. They are with you during the entire session. After every session, they offer you heat or ice depending upon your condition. They even offer water to you through out the session. The Therapists are very knowledgeable and provide education regarding your condition..I would definitely return and recommend Premier Physical Therapy to anyone who is looking to receive total notch therapy.

C Williams

Absolutely the best! Everyone at Premier Physical Therapy is positive, professional and knowledgeable. Kurtis is amazing. Throughout my physical therapy he took time to explain each step of my treatment plan. Kurtis’ dedication and knowledge helped me reach a pain free lifestyle.

Dan Croft

These guys are the best – if you want results you can’t do better than Chris and his team. During my post-op rehab, I’ve made more progress in two weeks with Premier than my previous PT big-system provider achieved in two months. I look forward to meeting my goals soon, thanks to Chris, Beverly, Kurtis and the rest of the Premier PT team. Thanks!

Cliff V

Premier PT has the best team I’ve ever had the pleasure to train under! They all know me by name, and make me feel at home. This causes me to want to give my 110% at each session! Thank you all at Premier Physical Therapy !!!

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Ginger May

Premier Physical Therapy has great office staff and my therapist, Mark Kosier, has magic hands. He is the very best and you’ll never regret going to this group! Instead of 5 stars, I think it’s a 10

Linda Watkins

The people at Premier are outstanding. They are so fun, welcoming and warm. Lisa Spink is my therapist and has helped me so much in just a few weeks. I highly recommend Premier.