Physical Therapy Clinic in Jacksonville

Our Physical Therapy practice places patients first. Our passion is to help them reduce pain or discomfort quickly through a hands-on approach that assesses and treats physical conditions that affect muscles and nerves.

Our Physical Therapy office follows a three-fold approach to caring for patients.

1. Let’s start by understanding why you are feeling pain or discomfort.
2. The next step is to fix the root cause.
3. We’ll also show you how to strengthen your body and prevent future problems.

The on-site Physical Therapists can help you assess and treat any physical condition that affects muscles, nerves, and joints. We will show you how cupping and dry needling can help reduce pain and improve your range of motion so that wellness is a part of your daily life.

Our clinics offer cutting-edge treatment in physical therapy, personal training, and sports rehab. To heal patients, we use the best of each discipline. We have been able to reduce the frequency of treatment and minimize the chance of recurrence.

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