Let’s Chat About the Drive-Thru

It’s Chris and Jodi again and we are here to help you with time management and eating healthier all wrapped into one beautiful present! Attached, you will find a welcome video from Jodi and me telling you a little about who we are and what we represent. You will also see your short 2-minute video […]

Anterior Knee Pain

Do you have knee pain? Is it located in the front of your knee? Do you have difficulty with squatting, prolonged sitting, or using stairs? Are you looking for a solution that doesn’t involve medication and rest? Hi, my name is Dr. Kurtis Pcolka Physical Therapist with Premier Physical Therapy Jacksonville (hyperlink to our website […]

Myofascial Pain, What’s That?

Did you know that nearly half of women develop myofascial pain syndrome within the first year of Breast Cancer Surgery? Therefore this is a very common source of pain that individuals experience after surgery. What is myofascial pain syndrome? Is it treatable in Physical Therapy? Well, watch the video below to find out more. 1. […]

Let’s Chat About Shoulder Pain

Did you know that 43% of individuals followed 5 years past their breast cancer treatment continued to present with shoulder limitation if they did not participate in early intervention? This is compared to 9% if they did participate in early intervention. Why is it so common to continue with a restricted range of motion, pain, […]

Axillary Web Syndrome

Did you know that a stressed lymph vessel or group of vessels could actually cause pain and limited shoulder motion? Well, that is a real possibility at any point along the journey of cancer-related treatment. However, the good news is that when axillary cording is diagnosed early and treated quickly the symptoms are usually completely […]

Physical Therapy Seminar with Jax Muay Thai

We are proud to announce that we will be cohosting a collaborative event with Jax Muay Thai! This fighting gym brings traditional Thai boxing that can be performed at all ages. We will be at their gym demonstrating warm-up stretches that should be done before any type of exercises, along with bringing our certified physical […]