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Posted On February 3, 2019

Premier Physical Therapy and Jacksonville Muay Thai are excited to announce we are partnering to be the first affiliates in the Jacksonville area for the Rock Steady Boxing program for persons affected by Parkinson’s.

Rock Steady Boxing is a program that helps persons affected by Parkinson’s disease regain control of their body, and their lives, by offering a program of specific movements via boxing to maintain or improve function.

By donating to our fundraiser or volunteering your time, we can be the first program like this in Jacksonville!  We need to raise enough money to send two of our employees and two employees from Jacksonville Muay Thai to Indiana for training in order to be an affiliate.

If we continue to raise money beyond what we need for training and initial setup, we will be able to provide this wonderful service free of charge.

Even if you are not able to donate money or volunteer your time, please pass this on to friends, family, and associates and help us make a difference!

The more you are willing to help, the more we can do!

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