April 18, 2013


At Premier Physical Therapy, our therapists specialize in post-operative outpatient rehabilitation for patients who have undergone total joint replacement. We utilize cutting edge protocols, technologies, and an individualized approach to address not only basic strength and range of motion, but also agility, balance, sport-specific capabilities, and other subtle skills that often get overlooked in crowded facilities. Our therapists go beyond the minimum requirements of standard protocols. We work with patients to help them reach their goals and return to active lifestyles without residual deficits, deviations, or asymmetries. Our patients return to optimal function including physically demanding work, competitive sports, and other strenuous activities without feeling limited by persistent deficits that were not addressed in their rehabilitation.


Ostheoarthritis is one of the ten most disabling diseases in developed countries. Joint replacement surgery is considered the most effective intervention for severe osteoarthritis, reducing pain and disability and restoring some patients to near-normal function. New technologies have proven effective for replacing the joints of the shoulder, hip, and knee as well as some of the smaller joints in the hand and foot. The number of hip and knee replacement has increased rapidly over the past decade in most countries. On average, the rate of hip replacement increased by over 25% between 2000 and 2009. The growth rate was even higher for knee replacement, nearly doubling over the past decade. The number of total knee replacements performed in the U.S. will leap by 673% reaching 3.48 million by the year 2030. Demand for total hip joint replacements will grow an estimated 175 percent by 2030.


With continuing cuts in insurance reimbursement for physical therapy, patients often don’t receive the quality and quantity of rehabilitation services necessary to make a full recovery from these joint replacement surgeries. Patients are frequently moved rapidly from the hospital to busy inpatient rehabilitation facilities and then home without achieving their desired level of function. Patients can be left with scar tissue, range of motion limitations, gait deviations, postural asymmetries, swelling, and other issues that prevent them from getting the most out of their surgery.


Premier Physical Therapy is also home to the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill which allows total knee or hip replacement patients to return to walking much sooner than normal, due to its ability to reduce the amount of weight bearing through the joints.


If you are considering joint replacement surgery, be sure to check with your doctor about pre-surgery therapy at Premier, as many insurance companies will cover physical therapy for pre-operative instruction, education, strengthening, stretching, and conditioning.


“I came in with a knee replacement and within 4 weeks felt that I could end therapy sessions and get back to work. I appreciated the exercise plan that Scott created for me to continue work at home to help develop strength in my entire leg. I liked the individual attention during therapy. Thank you very much!” –Marguerite B. “Scott really was a gentleman and I loved my experience with Premier Physical Therapy. Scott was also very knowledgeable and very polite! If I ever had to come back for anything, I would like my physical therapist to be Scott or his trainee. Thanks guys. Keep up the terrific work!” –Robert V. “I was treated after double knee surgeries in 2009 and hip replacement in 2011. I gained strength in both cases and returned several times when weakness surfaced from lack of proper exercise. My total body was strengthened and worked on when attention was needed. I am grateful for all the care and direction I have received at Premier Physical Therapy and recommend them at every opportunity. They patiently answered all my questions and never noticed the repetition because of my forgetfulness.” –Ellen E.

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