April 13, 2013

Orthopedic injuries, particularly to the shoulders are common. Nearly everyone has had shoulder problems at some time during their lives. That’s why our skilled, experienced physical therapy team here at Premier creates customized orthopedic rehab programs that improve your shoulder function and body mechanics while reducing your chances of re-injury.

A combination of leading-edge treatment and compassionate hands-on care eases your discomfort and speeds your recovery from all kinds of shoulder injuries:

  • Rotator Cuff
  • Bursitis
  • Instability
  • Dislocation

We provide individualized assessments of your shoulder mechanics that lead to independence and better symptom management. Our programs also help increase patients’ activity tolerances for home tasks and other activities while decreasing the chances of reinjury.

You may also have suffered repetitive-strain injuries, fractures or postsurgical problems that require our help. Active physical therapy is our proven method of achieving that. We can get you back to living, playing and working sooner, with less chance of reinjury.


Labral tears – Injuries to the tissue rim surrounding the shoulder socket resulting in a deep pain in the shoulder socket. usually this is caused by an injury that dislocates or strains your shoulder. There may be a sharp pain deep in the shoulder in certain motions.

Bursitis of the Shoulder – a common cause of discomfort from inflamed tissue meant to protect your rotator cuff from the bones in your shoulder. Usually a soreness that keeps you up at night. Unfortunately, this one comes with maturity for most people.

Shoulder Instability – your shoulder feels like it might pop out in certain positions. There is usually a a dislocation of the shoulder from sports or past injury.

Impingement – There is significant pain when reaching overhead or behind. This condition is often caused from the normal structures in your shoulder rubbing against the tendons in the shoulder. Several factors like arthritis, inflamation or a “bone spur” could be the reason for having inpingement of the shoulder area. Repetitive limited range motion can also be a determining factor in this condition.

Tendinitis of the Shoulder – probably the most common problem. Pain when reaching up or behind. Repetitive activity and maturity will lead to this inflammation of the tendons themselves. You may feel weakness using your arm.

Rotator cuff Tears – This condition causes pain plus significant weakness trying to lift your arm. Once the tendon fails and tears away from the bone you lose your ability to raise your arm without pain. This can be from an injury or develop over time from tendonitis.

Frozen Shoulder – This is a common stiff shoulder condition. Often there is no injury or obvious cause. It often shows up without warning or trauma.

Arthritis – This is the preeminent cause of stiffness and pain, with occasional catching and grinding. Although it is not as common as other joints the shoulder joint will wear out over time.

There are several other causes for shoulder pain including injuries, neck and chest problems. Our professional staff at Premier will take a through history of your condition followed by a comprehensive examination to narrow down your treatment options and let us create a custom treatment plan just for you.

“I have had problems with my shoulder for years and had undergone physical therapy for it with no improvements. The pain and lack of movement continued to worsen. I was told it would not get better without surgery. My surgeon insisted on pre-surgery therapy. I was skeptical because of prior experiences. After only four weeks, twice a week with Chris Kopp, there was noticeable improvement. Although it was better, I still needed surgery to completely get better. Chris assured me that I could get 100% of use back in my shoulder with no pain. He was absolutely correct. I do believe that Chris was the major contributor to my complete recovery. He knows more about therapy than anyone I have ever dealt with. I would recommend him to everyone I know. What a God – send. Thanks for everything.”

–Ina S.

“When I suffered a rotator cuff injury, I naturally wanted the best surgeon and therapist I could find. Being employed in the fitness industry for over 25 years, I always strived to be in superior health and physical condition. I fortunately found a superior physical therapist in Eric Mason at Premier Physical Therapy. His treatments were professional and specific to my problem. I enjoyed the sessions because I felt the therapy was returning me to my pre-injury condition. The information provided by Eric was very thorough, concise, and effective. As I progress with my own exercise program, I am very thankful for the excellence provided by Eric at Premier P.T. I couldn’t be more satisfied!”

–Tom H.

“I was having shoulder pain, some during day to day activities, but it was seriously, negatively impacting my workout regimen which was frustrating. Turned out, I had a shoulder impingement problem brought on by my unbalanced approach to lifting weights. The program included P.T. at the office as well as at home. More importantly, it included a lot of education about what I was doing wrong and how I could change it to avoid recurrence of the problem. The pain is now gone and I hit the gym a little differently than I used to. I continue to use the P.T. program I was put on and so far, so good.

–Steve C.

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