May 14, 2013

When I first started my Physical Therapy I was having a lot of trouble walking due to my back pain. After the initial evaluation my therapist performed some manual manipulation on my back while also talking to me about my condition, clearly explaining to me what he was doing and the benefits of it. Premier has been very helpful in restoring my back so that I am able to resume my activities. It has been a positive experience for me and I highly recommend his facility. – Vicki M.

My L5 disc was gone and causing inflammation and nerve pain. I was having pain performing everyday tasks. Work was very physical and I could not lift. My physical therapist taught me exercises to improve the strength of my back and improve my core strength. Although the problem will never go away, I have been taught the tools to manage the pain. -Mary C.

Very friendly, great atmosphere! My therapist knew what he was talking about; very knowledgeable in his field. The exercise program worked perfectly for me! Everything was above my expectations! I learned how to change my work station and my personal habits in order to improve my back and it all worked! –I.R.

I can only say that Eric Mason is very qualified in his profession and treats his clients with great respect. With his help, my back problem has improved greatly. Thanks Eric and your entire staff for the professional way you all do your job.” -Charles T.

My family physician recently referred me to Premier Physical Therapy for help with upper back and neck pain. Going to them was a positive experience and helpful with my pain. The physical therapy was a great relief for my pain and I learned to practice proper posture and avoid lifting heavy objects. You would think people would naturally know that, but I didn’t. I want to thank the nice staff at Premier for my treatment there and my doctor for referring me to them.” —Donna R.

My doctor referred me to Premier Physical Therapy for my back pain after MRI results. Eric did a number of stretching techniques on me and then showed me a number of different exercises I could learn to do to strengthen the muscles that support my back. He provided me with a number of pictured hand-outs and emphasized that I do them properly. We travel a great deal so the stretch band and the pictured hand-outs will go with me so I can continue to exercise correctly. I liked the one-on-one attention and the therapist’s concentration on my doing the exercises properly.” –Arlene L.

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