April 4, 2013

Join us for this 6 week running-specific, body strengthening workshop led by Chris Kopp PT, OCS who has a unique insight into the bio-mechanics of running and exercises to enhance your form and reduce your risk for injury. Chris has worked with many professional runners and athletes to help them achieve their peak performance goals.


The Fit to Run program is a holistic Pilates-based approach to building a strong foundation for healthy running.
This is a fun class for people of all ages and running abilities.
When: Wednesday Evenings for Six Weeks – Call for Dates Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Cost: $120.00, Pre-Registration Required Where: Premier Physical Therapy, 13947 Beach Blvd., Ste. 109, Jacksonville, FL 32224
Space is limited so please call 996-6922 to reserve your place
“I loved Chris! He was very attentive and caring, I really appreciated everything he did to help me get through my issue and achieve my goal of running my first ever marathon.” –Melissa C. “Last summer I started running again, I had not run for over 15 years, I began experiencing what I thought was a tight IT band in my knee so to relieve the pain I started stretching it, iced it, resting it, but no matter what the pain always returned. I saw Chris at a Galloway speech he was giving and I finally decided to come to Premier Physical Therapy. He immediately discovered my IT inflammation was not a tight IT band, but instead it was a foot issue. After 3 weeks I am pain free and am running a 20 mile run this weekend. Yeah! Thank you Chris! –Jackie “Dear Chris, as promised, a signed photo for your office dart board. Again, many thanks for all of your help while I was in Florida for Donna’s run. You are definitely a runner’s P.T. and at the top of your game and your profession. Run on! Cheers!” –Joan Benoit Samuelson Olympic Gold Marathoner “I wanted to share my outstanding experience at Premier Physical Therapy. After taking up running at age 46 and doing really well for about 9 months, I suppose I over-did it and ended up with a really vicious case of iliotibial band syndrome. It was so bad I could barely walk, and running was out of the question. Every step was agony. My primary care physician prescribed physical therapy and Chris Kopp PT, OCS put me on a rehab regimen that included dynamic stretching, strengthening exercises, and a slow return to a sport that I had truly fallen in love with. Two years later I have put about 1,500 training miles and over 20 races on these legs without a single moment of pain. Repetitive motion injuries can seem like the end of the world, but if you find quality professional help like Chris, and are willing to put in the work that he demands, you CAN overcome it! Thanks Chris and all the staff at PPTJAX.”

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