Let’s Chat About the Drive-Thru

Let’s Chat About the Drive-Thru

It’s Chris and Jodi again and we are here to help you with time management and eating healthier all wrapped into one beautiful present!

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Anterior Knee Pain

Do you have knee pain? Is it located in the front of your knee? Do you have difficulty with squatting, prolonged sitting, or using stairs? Are you looking for a solution that doesn’t involve medication and rest?

Hi, my name is Dr. Kurtis Pcolka Physical Therapist with Premier Physical Therapy Jacksonville (hyperlink to our website when posting on social media). There is new, strong evidence that supports physical therapy and exercise therapy for anterior knee pain. Anterior knee pain can include anything around or behind the knee cap. Exercises are recommended to target both the hip and the knee (especially the posterior/lateral hip structures and quad strengthening) along with foot orthotics for those who have the tendency to overpronate.

A good place to start is to set up an appointment with a local physical therapist where they can assess your body and determine what treatments are necessary with a thorough examination

  • These tests and positions load the knee cap in a flexed position.
  • Challenge the lower extremity to prevent excessive knee valgus in a dynamic task.
  • Determine if the patella is getting pulled off the track of the trochlear groove of the femur.
  • Test your quad, hamstring, and calf flexibility as additional contributing factors.

Willy, Richard W., et al. “Patellofemoral pain.” Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (2019).

Wellness and Fitness Programs


Cash-Based WELLNESS MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES Circuit Training, Alter-G Zero-Gravity Treadmill Sessions, Pilates and more! For More info: Call 904-996-6922

Fitness For You

Tens of millions of people suffer needlessly from illness and injuries, especially as they reach their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Staying well, fit and active as you age can present some major challenges.  At Premier Physical Therapy, we offer carefully designed wellness and fitness programs that can help ensure your continuing ability to do the things you love and help you prevent age-related problems.


Wellness is the opposite of illness. And your journey toward wellness begins when our doctor of physical therapy looks at the factors that might keep you from being well. We evaluate your individual abilities, limitations and lifestyle and develop a plan to help you get past any illness or impairment. Then we focus on helping you stay well and teach you to protect yourself against common problems that can interfere with your quality of life.

Common Age-Related Problems

Balance difficulties. Problems walking. Dizziness. Muscle weakness. Joint stiffness. Poor flexibility. With physical therapy and strength/conditioning programs, we will help you maintain your edge so you can avoid injury and live an active, fulfilling life. We’ll also make sure you achieve your personal goals safely and with the best possible results.


Physical fitness is essential to wellness. That’s why your customized wellness plan will include a fitness program to help you increase strength, muscle tone, stamina and flexibility. We also have “Free Fitness Weeks,” which include use of our facilities and guidance from our knowledgeable and experienced certified athletic trainer.

Stay Active & Competitive

These days, being active – even competitive – is important at any age. We can tailor your wellness or fitness plan to help you keep playing your sport or activity of choice for as long as you want. We also offer programs specific to golf. We can evaluate and improve your swing mechanics and help you play your very best with less chance of injury.


Cash-Based WELLNESS MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES Circuit Training, Alter-G Zero-Gravity Treadmill Sessions, Pilates and more! For More info: Call 904-996-6922  

Post-Rehab Corrective Exercise Program

•    post physical therapy training for individuals dealing with chronic pain and/or physical dysfunction after surgery, injury, or work related repetitive strain syndromes

•    unique approach to assisting clients in returning to and maintaining full prior level of function

•    excellent alternative for those not ready or willing to join typical gym based fitness programs

•    emphasis on proper body mechanics and optimal posture

Yoga Flex Class

•    utilizes yoga movements and static/dynamic stretching to optimize range of motion throughout the body

•    enhances overall strength, flexibility, and balance

•    emphasis on proper breathing, posture, and body mechanics

Cardiovascular Training Program

•    endurance building activities for cardiac rehab patients, runners, weight loss, and post-rehabilitation clients

•    emphasis on heart rate and perceived exertion monitoring utilizing a variety of protocols

•    utilizes treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, and other cardio equipment

•    includes cardiovascular assessment, goal setting, and program design

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment and Analysis

•    health history, Par-Q, and review

•    assessment analysis

•    informed consent review

•    postural evaluation

•    strength and muscular endurance testing

•    flexibility testing

•    cardiovascular endurance testing

•    biomechanical motion analysis

•    objective measurements

1.    resting heart rate

2.    blood pressure

3.    height/weight

4.    waist-to-hip ration

5.    body mass index

6.    circumferential measurements

7.    body composition

8.    body fat percentage

 Ask about our other Premier Programs.

  • Back & Neck Pain Relief
  • Professional Physical Therapy
  • Sports Injuries
  • Oncology Rehabilitation
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Knee Injuries
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Ligament & Tendon Injuries
  • Wellness & Fitness
  • Balance and Vestibular Rehab
  • Post-Surgical Rehab

Women’s Health

Women’s health revolves around many issues. We offer compassionate care and rehabilitation that emphasizes identification, correction and prevention of prenatal and postpartum musculoskeletal problems. We use a unique personal approach to evaluate, treat, prevent and educate you about women’s health issues such as:
  • Incontinence
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Pregnancy-Related Back Pain 
  • Headaches
  • Postural Imbalance 
  • Osteoporosis
  • Patellofemoral syndrome 
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Breast Cancer
  • Sacral/Pubic/Ilial Dysfunctions
  • Spinal Disorders 
  • Arthritis
Our physical therapists consider your lifestyle, goals, and support systems. We also consider nutritional, emotional, and attitudinal factors, and the roles they may play in back problems and other women’s health issues.  The healthcare experts at Premier want to help identify and correct the issues leading to your discomfort.  We employ a variety of hands-on manual therapies, including:
  • Manual Therapy
  • Joint Mobilization 
  • Soft-Tissue Manipulation
  • Myofascial release
  • Neural Mobilization
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Stress Reduction
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Exercise Programs
  • Modalities
We have vast expertise and experience in pain relief and rehabilitation for all kinds of female musculoskeletal problems. We always put you first. In fact, no other rehab facility offers you as many value-added services and amenities – including private treatment rooms – as Premier. The health professionals at Premier have helped many women with musculoskeletal health issues. There’s an excellent chance we can help you, too.