Golf Rehab & Performance

Golf Rehab & Performance

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Premier Physical Therapy Ponte Vedra
Enhance Your Golf Performance and Improve Your Game!

We provide golf physical therapy services for golfers of all ages and experience levels to help enhance their physical golf performance and swing efficiency.

Let’s Get Your Swing Back On Track!

Are you in post-op recovery mode? This is our specialty! Our team of licensed, insured, and certified golf specialists create and provide a custom-tailored rehabilitation program to get you back on the green.

Are you looking to improve your overall performance? Our Ponte Vedra office features the latest technology designed specifically to monitor your swing and improve your physical strength.

Golf-Specific Services

  • GOLFit Program

    A unique fitness program that is custom-tailored to golfers looking to either get their game back on track or take it to the next level.

  • Golf Performance

    Looking to take your swing to the next level? Our advanced golf performance programs are specialized to boost your game, whether you’re a novice or pro.

  • Golf Rehabilitation

    A Golf-Specific physical therapy program that assesses your overall function and movement to help optimize your personal performance and avoid future injuries.

  • Titleist Performance Institute

    TPI is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

  • K-Vest

    A new and unique auditory and biofeedback system that easily re-educates motor patterns to improve your golfing performance

  • BodiTrak

    BodiTrak provides real-time metrics on your golf performance, providing instant feedback for exercise and recovery to help improve your game.

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

As an avid golfer and life-long athlete himself, Chris Kopp
oversees Premier Physical Therapy’s golf rehab and sport-specific training programs.

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