Yes Way, Galloway!

Yes Way, Galloway!

Part of Premier’s commitment to our community means supporting organizations like Jeff Galloway’s . Jeff Galloway’s Marathon and Half Marathon Training Programs are for all levels of runners, from beginning runners to Boston qualifiers. This Low-mileage, Injury-free Training Program is for those who have jobs, families, and a life!


The achievement of completing a marathon/half marathon training program and finishing the event will be your treasure for the rest of your life. The training schedule which follows is the latest evolution in a minimal mileage, low-impact training routine which has been used successfully by an estimated 100,000 marathoners since 1978.

Before Those First Steps!

There are very few people who should not exercise because of cardiovascular, structural, muscular, or other problems. It is very important to ensure that you are not in this risk category.

Before beginning any exercise, diet or other improvement program, be sure to have yourself and the program evaluated by specialists in the areas you are pursuing.The advice in this book is offered as such-advice from one exerciser to another. It is not mean to be a prescription and should be evaluated as noted above and below.

Specific structures and problems of individuals may require program modifications.In each area, find specialists who are also knowledgeable about the positive and other effects of exercise and running.Ask several respected leaders in the fitness community for recommendations of specialists.Always back off any exercise or program when you feel any risk of injury or health.The benefits come from regular exercise and steady adherence to a long-term program.Never radically increase the amount of exercise or drastically change diet and other health elements.Joining a group helps motivation!


Alter G Testimonial

Take a moment to view this video from one of our satisfied clients here at Premier Physical Therapy. Her experience with the Alter G and it’s groundbreaking technology will inspire you to give us a call and set up your own session.


Read More About The Alter G Here


Performing Arts Therapy

performing arts banner As a musician, dancer or actor, you spend countless hours perfecting your art. Your dedication and discipline push you through pain, stress and injury to achieve your highest levels of performance. But did you know that physical therapy can eliminate many health problems that limit your practice time and affect your performance? At Premier Physical Therapy of Jacksonville, our expert therapists provide one-on-one treatment and prescribe individualized exercise programs for performing artists. Our detailed examinations and injury tracking identify problems that impact performance levels. In addition to hands-on therapy, we provide education to maximize the efficiency of daily practice. With therapists who are experienced performing artists themselves, our staff understands the skills required for music, dance and theater. Contact us to learn how Premier Physical Therapy of Jacksonville can help you increase your performance and the enjoyment of your art. performing arts premier guitarWhether you have suffered an injury or experience pain during practice, Premier physical therapists can help you overcome the problem quickly and safely. Our approach involves detailed evaluation, individualized treatment, patient education, and management of stress and performance anxiety. Our therapists aim to help you reach your goals through:       BIO MECHANICAL ANALYSIS of the specific activity that may be contributing to the problem. For example, we examine musicians playing their actual instruments to determine the correct diagnosis. CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT that takes the aesthetics of the art and the demands of the performance into consideration. INDIVIDUAL EXERCISE PRESCRIPTIONS to extend practice time and even the duration of the artistʼs career. COMPREHENSIVE PATIENT EDUCATION on how to prevent future injury from the perspective of the performing artist. STRESS MANAGEMENT through correct breathing, posture, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility.   performing arts premier balletPremier Physical Therapy of Jacksonville combines the newest advances in performing arts medicine with attention and care that matches your dedication to your art. No matter how minor a problem may seem, itʼs never too soon to strengthen the connection between your health and your art.