A recent article written by Silver J.K. in the journal Cancer reviews current research related to prehabilitation prior to Cancer related treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation). Many patients receiving cancer treatments become increasingly ill or disabled as treatment progresses, thus it is not only cancer but the treatment that may lead to disability and financial burden. Reviews from 2009 and 2011 indicate that cancer survivors are in fact at a significantly higher risk of early retirement and unemployment. These work-related disabilities are both psychological and physical, either independently or in combination, which then translates to poor quality of life.

More recent studies have demonstrated that early rehabilitation can improve shoulder mobility, reduce pain, and improve quality of life. Prehabilitation is the best route of treatment with screening occurring shortly after diagnosis but before cancer treatment, and then rehabilitation integrated into the oncology care continuum. A pilot study in 2013 reported that at 8 weeks postoperative, 81% of the patients who participated in prehabilitation had recovered compared to 40% of the control group.       

At Premier Physical Therapy, we strive to stay up to date in the latest research to aid in their recovery. We have a well-developed prehabilitation and rehabilitation program that is individualized to each and every patient’s needs. We offer comprehensive cancer-related treatment, which addresses range of motion, strength, scar tissue, lymphedema, and skin integrity. Our therapists utilize a hands-on approach with one on one treatment sessions in order to provide individualized interventions and assist with regaining normal mobility.

Source: Silver J.K. Editorial. Cancer Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation May Reduce Disability and Early Retirement. Cancer. 15 July 2014, p.2072-2076