Premier Therapy Golf Enhancement Program

A proper golf swing is one of the most complicated, challenging moves in all of sports. A good round of golf requires extraordinary strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Golf exposes you to many sports-related injuries, aches and pains, particularly back pain. The unique rotation and torsion of the spine has caused many a golfer to seek medical help for pain. Are you as fit for golf as you could be?

Improve your swing and score!

At Premier Physical Therapy of Jacksonville, we know that the secret to a better, safer game is in your fitness level. Our golf rehab and enhancement programs can make a big difference in your game.

golficonWe can help you:

  • Improve your balance and ensure proper posture

  • Increase your strength and flexibility for better swing mechanics

  • Avoid common aches, pains and injuries from wrist, shoulder and back problems

  • Learn to hit the ball farther off the tee

  • Return to your best game after an injury

  • Prevent re-injury

  • A results-driven program for individual needs and level of play

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Whether you’re a beginner, an avid amateur, or a competitive pro, we focus on your unique needs and abilities. How? Through highly personal, one-on- one sessions with experienced physical therapists who understand the complex body mechanics needed for better golf.

Golf enhancement includes:

A thorough evaluation of your spine and all major joints to determine physical function and possible restrictions, if any

Personalized training sessions focused on posture, flexibility, balance and strength

Stretching and exercise programs to help improve your game and prevent injury

Rehabilitation of injuries, as needed

It’s no secret. The key to a better golf game is to be more physically fit, stronger and more flexible. And we can help. Call 904-996-6922 today to schedule an appointment when you are ready to play your best game.